The Pizza Experiment

Mac and cheese pizza. Worth the wait.

When Annie's launched their Macaroni and Cheese Pizza, we knew we had a special opportunity. After all, kids love macaroni and cheese. And they love pizza. What could be better than bringing these two awesome foods together into one amazingly delicious item?

This may be the greatest combo since chocolate and peanut butter.
— Today

Borrowing from the infamous Marshmallow Test conducted at Stanford to observe delayed gratification, we let kids decide if they wanted one of their favorite foods now or wait to have something better. 

The video was shot at Studio Shotwell in San Francisco. Casting was conducted at Tantrum, a local toy store in Cole Valley. All the reactions were real. 

To date, it's the most successful piece of creative Annie's has developed and it quickly gathered over a million organic views on YouTube. It was also an Editor's Pick on Creativity, written up in Ad Age and featured on Today