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Somewhere between love and lust, is like.

Online dating sites routinely position themselves as the best sites for marriage. Truth is, marriage is a lot to figure out when you’re meeting someone for the first time. It takes away the magic of just getting to know someone.

Falling in like with someone is way more attainable than rushing to marriage. Why not enjoy the process and experience the beauty of meeting someone you really like? 

To establish the new platform, we headed down to Mexico City with Hugo Stenson at Caviar. Over the course of one, very long, eighteen hour shoot day we captured the journey of a couple meeting for the first time and falling in like.

The out of home campaign was shot with Winnie Au who amazingly captured real and authentic expressions using local San Francisco talent.  

The launch of Zoosk's First Comes Like campaign was incredibly well received and was written up in the New York Times and was an Editor's Pick on Creativity.


Fall in Like, under the mistletoe.

As the holidays approached we found ourselves with an amazing opportunity to reach out to singles in New York City. We positioned a real ball of mistletoe over a street corner near Times Square.  

People young and old came from all over to take pictures and pose underneath the mistletoe. There were even a few kisses and phone numbers exchanged. 


The first, First.

There are many first's in a relationship. The first movie you see together, the first time you meet the parents, the first time you realize they make a really annoying sound with their mouth when they eat. They're all important and oh so memorable, but the first first, is falling in like. 


The sport of dating. 

Sometimes a first date feels like am MMA title bout. Okay, that's a little extreme. Butt there's definitely a whole lot of game playing when it comes to dating. We followed two very real first dates and brought in a couple of improvisational actor to comment and react in real time. We had two camera crews running at the same time and directed and produced everything in house at MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER.

Updating a logo is never easy for a brand. Especially when the logo was designed by a founder and screen printed on their motorcycle. But with a little convincing we were able to update the logo to a newer, more sophisticated look that made customers feel more confident their subscription dollars were going to a credible company.