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The Netflix mantra is simple—we're Entertainment's Biggest Fan. That means we geek out like a fan when a new season launches or our favorite show is renewed. It means make fan art and create mashups. We speak like an insider and create FOMO to bring in the outsiders. And we had a whole lot of fun doing it.

Go on, Spoil Yourself.

Netflix dumps out an entire season of a show at a time, changing the way fans watch television. That makes spoilers an unavoidable part of conversation. But a study found spoilers aren't such a bad thing. In fact, they actually make people more likely to watch a show. 

So we took the opportunity to spoil everyone. We created "Spoil Yourself", the Russian roulette of spoilers. With the click of a button a random spoiler was served up to any brave soul willing to come to the site. People loved it and hated it all at the same time. 

Screams could be heard throughout the Time newsroom.
— TIME Magazine

The site was written about across the globe. Here are a few of the highlights. Refinery29, MTV, Variety, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, Fast Company, FastCo Create, CNN, CNBC, Buzzfeed, Business Insider, Mashable, New York Times, and TIME.

AWARDS — One Show Silver Pencil, Bronze Clio, Cannes Shortlist


The yule log that started it all. 

Every holiday season Netflix releases 'Fireplace For Your Home', an hour long video of burning log. Users love it. And Netflix wanted a reason to engage with Facebook fans during the holiday season. So we created a humorous trailer and behind the scenes footage. The videos were picked up everywhere from Entertainment Weekly to The Huffington Post.

You’ll never look at fire the same way.
— Huffington Post

Featured on CreativityThe Huffington PostEntertainment Weekly and ranked just below "Misunderstood" by Apple. Not bad for an in-house production shot with agency talent at John Matejeczyk's home. 


Ugh. Finals week. 

Oh, finals week. That terrible part of the year where students should be studying but all they really want to do is watch Netflix. We made their lives a little easier by creating Professor Fuzzlepants, the deciding guinea pig. It was picked up by Buzzfeedregional newspapers and universities.  

One of the funniest brand Twitter accounts.
— Adweek

AWARDS — One Show Gold Pencil, One Show Judging Pick Of The Day


Moving at the speed of social.

Creative directing the social account requires an insanely talented team of people. Our team was magical. We created more amazing work in a couple of years than most agencies do in a decade. I'll proudly put any of our posts against the best work in the business. Here are some of the higlights. 

#3 Most Buzzed About Brand
— Adweek

AWARDS — Art Directors Club Bronze

2016 Marketer Of The Year
— Ad Age

All in all, the work created for Netflix had a pretty big impact on the brand. Netflix quadrupled the number of Instagram followers, doubled the number of Facebook and Twitter followers many times over and got written up more times they could keep track of. Proving that to get fans to love your brand, you just need to become one of them.